The Wisdom of Quarantine: 8 Things to Remember

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As a global community, we are experiencing unprecedented times. In just a few short weeks, the world that bustled around us has come to grinding halt. I feel the same uncertainty, anxiety, and ambivalence that many of you might be feeling. I feel the same determination to protect myself and the ones I love.

In the midst of this eerily quiet chaos, we wait and watch for whatever comes next. Something outside of our control has forced us all to slow down, and focus on what really, truly matters.

It’s OK to Rest.
I thought I knew how to rest, but as it turns out I just knew how to stay subtly busy. With the spread of corona virus, being a “homebody” has taken on an entirely new meaning, as many of us are forced to seek safety at home. Nevertheless, this is an opportune time to catch up on much needed rest, sleep in (if you can), and really learn how to be still.

We Only Have Right Now.
Many of us have a constant tendency to worry about the future or lament the past. As fate would have it, we are now stuck at home with these endless catastrophic thoughts and zero control! This is the uncomfortable (but oh so necessary) space of acceptance and surrender. In fact, all we ever had was the ability to control our experience of the here and now.

Develop New Habits.
Remember that list of healthy habits you’ve been meaning to try out? Now’s a great time to start! It takes about 21 consecutive days to develop a habit, and many experts are suggesting that we shelter-in-place for at least 30. You can finally try out those healthy recipes, do that at-home workout, or make time for mindful meditation. Your little world is your oyster!

Let Go of Chaos.
I know this sounds crazy, but this is the best time to release the chaos in your life. Chaos can be anything from a cluttered closet, or negative self-talk, to poor boundaries and taxing relationships. Use this time to clean up your physical and psychological space. Get some new energy flowing! Donate anything you don’t use or need. Set stronger boundaries with people who drain your energy. Say “NO!”

Prepare for the Flare Up.
There’s no way around it, this virus is stressing us out! Those with mental health conditions may find that their symptoms start to flare up even more. It’s imperative that we each take time to research solutions and ways to get support, such as virtual therapy. Have a calming routine or ritual that you practice each day. Rituals are soothing to the brain, particularly during stressful times. It helps us feel safe and secure.

Fix That Negative Self-Talk! Write something positive, loving, or kind about yourself (or something you’re manifesting) on a scrap of paper every morning. Keep them in a cup or bowl beside your bed and read them every night before you go to sleep.

Mind Your Waste.
We’re fortunate to live in an affluent country with access to almost anything we could ever want or need. Over-consumption and waste are big parts of our societal practice as we’re conditioned to believe that there will always be more. As COVID-19 forced us into our homes, stores started to sell out of basically everything! For me, one thing became glaringly clear: I needed to curtail my love affair with paper towels. In the midst of a crisis, over-consumption leaves fewer supplies for the rest of our community. I’m not supporting scarcity theories, but I do believe mindful consumption can help our resources go farther, and reduce collective waste.

Don’t Get Bored… Get Creative!
A lot of clients have told me that they’re drawing, painting, and writing more than ever! A serious creative spark has returned in the midst of this pandemic. I’ve even taken to dancing in my empty living room. Not really the artsy type? Try these ideas:

  • Organize your playlists… or your closet
  • Discover new music, movies, books, or shows
  • Invest a few bucks into the stock market
  • Make a bunch of custom posts for your social media
  • Teach your pet a new trick or get a new houseplant
  • Have a virtual happy hour with friends where you each read parts from your favorite movie scene or play
  • Create a short webinar to attract customers to your business
  • Record a video blog of your quarantine experience to show your future grand-kids

There IS Hope!
We are all in this together! Even though it can feel very isolating, you are not alone! Our global community is feeling fear, pain, and struggle in unison. We’re trying keep ourselves and each other safe, and changing the way things work in unison!

Our minds and bodies are beautifully designed to thrive, even under pressure. It’s our nature to live and carry on. These events are just catalysts to finding out who we really are and what we really want as individuals and as a society. Call me a softy, but I believe in us! ❤

March 29, 2020 by Kimoré Reid, Ed.S, LPC, CPCS

Kimoré is a licensed counselor, supervisor, coach, & writer. She is committed to healing & empowering Women of Color, Afro-Caribbean Communities, & Queer People of Color. Interested in working with Kimoré? CLICK HERE!